I literally lived every day of my life feeling like the luckiest girl in the whole world.


everything you love is here


everything you love is here

it’s that time of night again I get to cry myself to sleep 👍

Tracy and Max


I want to make this post on Tracy and Max because very very very few people are talking about their significance to the story, and why we needed to learn about Max even though he had very little to do with the plot of the show (or so it seemed).

In the episode How Your Mother Met Me, the very first thing we learn about Tracy is that her boyfriend dies on her 21st birthday. This event in her life was so important, that her introduction in the story needed to be at her boyfriend’s death and how her life began to change from that moment on (Just like Ted’s story began the day that he met Robin, not before, and not after). 

Max was Tracy’s winning lottery ticket. He was absolutely everything she wanted and needed, and more, and his life was cut short, causing her to lose herself and believe that she had already won the jackpot and that it wouldn’t happen again. She was right. Ted was not her second winning lottery number. They were meant to meet and fall in love, but they were also meant to part ways and go off into the distance with the people they had known and loved from the start. 

If you think about it, Tracy and Ted are the same person. I think that that was one of the reasons that the creators of the show gave them the same initials. Tracy was the female version of Ted. This is why they had absolutely everything in common. They had met the people that they knew they wanted to be with forever, but due to the circumstances of life, they were not able to live the life they wanted (with these two people). 

Tracy had such a difficult time moving on from this immense loss, which caused her to shut down potential suitors. In the scene where Louis proposes to her and she goes outside to talk to Max, it’s still clear that she has held on to him for the same eight years that Ted held on to Robin. Max had always been present in Tracy’s heart since the moment that he passed away, until a day or two before Barney and Robin’s wedding. And she knew that the right thing to do would be to move on and finally release him, because no matter what, she would never again be able to be with him. She needed that one person (Ted) that would make her feel alive again, like she could love again. And Ted needed the same (her) to let go of the emptiness he felt and actually experience the love that he had wanted from the very start. They needed each other to fulfill a love that they could not have gotten from Max nor Robin. 

At the end, Tracy died so she could reunite with her one true love, Max. She had already been loved the way that she deserved. But she was always meant to find her way back to Max. Same with Ted. He needed Tracy to give him that love that he had craved so much. Again, because I believe that Tracy and Ted were the same person, the love that she gave him was the same love that he was able to radiate. Once that love was fulfilled, he went back to Robin, as that is how it was always meant to be. He was always meant to be with Robin. And Tracy was always meant to be with Max, even in death. 


Jimmy Stewart, 1930s

Jimmy Stewart, 1930s

i had a dream jimmy stewart wasn’t dead :(

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650,000 notes???I really am best known on tumblr for a drizzle/hurricane metaphor. (This is from my book Looking for Alaska.)


650,000 notes???

I really am best known on tumblr for a drizzle/hurricane metaphor.

(This is from my book Looking for Alaska.)